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The Best Temporary Employment Agency

Are you looking for universal staff whose work attitude and physical capabilities are sufficient for physically demanding work? If you are, then definitely contact Pulse Interim, the best temporary employment agency. We keep a database of many professionals who will be happy to assist you in both short and long-term assignments. Our strength is in the provision of heavy duty work, especially in the field of construction, assembly, temporary building structures and logistics.

If you are looking for workers for peak production periods or temporary contracts, they must be people who you can fully rely on and who you do not have to worry about. Pulse Interim is therefore your ideal partner in the field of personnel services. We will provide you with professional and flexible staff who can get started right away.

Full-value seconded staff for temporary work

When you employ people for temporary work, you do not need to make compromises when it comes to the quality of work, of course, if you choose to work with a reliable temporary employment agency. A good personnel agency should think ahead, free you from all your worries and provide you with the right personnel for the right job so that you can fully focus on your business.

Full-value labour for temporary work has expertise and is flexible to integrate smoothly into the work process. It is extremely important that the person knows what to do straight away, without the need for you to sacrifice you precious time training a new employee. Pulse Interim will be happy to provide you with such temporary workers.

Personnel Agency specializing in construction, assembly, temporary building structures and logistics

Pulse Interim is an experienced personnel agency in the field of construction and assembly, temporary building structures and logistics. In these sectors, we have motivated staff available, ready to assist you with short-term projects or long-term contracts.

We can free you from all your worries. Pulse Interim is the right partner to arrange all the administration and organization (papers, accommodation and transport) for you. We can provide you with professional staff who are both physically and mentally 100% ready and competent. We charge fixed rates and provide transparent billing to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Temporary employment office, which provides much more than just temporary staff

The strength of Pulse Interim is the personal character of our company's management. We place emphasis on work commitment in our company and in people who come to work for you. Of course, we thoroughly check that our employees have sufficient knowledge, skills and experience. Not only professional experience is important to us, but also the working mentality of our employees since they represent our company!

In addition, we are constantly taking care of our employees through fair rewards and appropriate accommodation. At the same time, we handle any administration (registration, documents) related to our staff, and arrange for their transport using our company car. In doing so, we are a unique temporary employment agency that provides more than just temporary staff so that our employees can fully focus on their work with you.

The best temporary employment agency

As you can see from the above, our company is the right place for you to be when it comes to temporary employment. We are the best temporary employment agency in the fields related to construction and assembly, temporary building structures and logistics. With us, you always know where you stand, we provide you with qualified staff, whose performance we guarantee by 100%. The approach of Pulse Interim is transparent every step of the way, and you can always be sure that what we keep our promises.

We are a recognized personnel agency and a member of Federgon, which means that you can count on the correct legal solution. Would you like to learn more about the opportunities for your company? We will be happy to stop by and discuss our services with no obligation. To arrange a meeting or personal consulting, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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