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Temporary logistics workforce for industries in Bremen

Bremen is a major industrial city in Europe. Many logistics processes are happening here and a number of international companies are taking advantage of it. Are you a company active in the Port of Bremen looking for a reliable partner you can rely on for temporary logistics workers? Then it would be a good idea to contact Pulse Interim. We can effectively help you by taking demanding physical work off your hands.

Pulse Interim is a temporary employment agency specializing in the logistics sector. There is a wide range of skilled employees available for temporary jobs that can be deployed at very brief notice for either a longer or shorter time. This makes us an excellent choice for companies seeking well-trained logistics staff in the short term. Pulse Interim can arrange for temporary labor across Europe. We can even supply experts with VCA certification, something helpful to companies operating in sectors such as the chemical industry.

Temporary staff for moving freight to and from the Port of Bremen

Pulse Interim sees to it that the right people are in the right jobs. Contact us if you are looking for a suitable temporary worker to move goods to and from Bremen's seaport. Pulse Interim's staff are chosen for temporary assignments due to their professional competence, job mentality and reliability. All our people have amply proven their value and they do this every day. You can be assured that we'll provide you with the right people who know what to do and never shy away from tough jobs.

Temporary work for forklift drivers and logisticians

We clearly understand the logistics sector to be more than just freight. Both forklift drivers and logisticians play important roles in this process. That is why Pulse Interim can provide temporary workers even in these professions.

We can be of service to you for any work linked to a logistics process in combination with port work. Our people can also be deployed for loading and unloading containers or pallets. In addition, we have packers and sorters available for packing and sorting boxes and crates as they are prepared for export or recycling and can even offer a helping hand in separating packages. This allows us entrance into several areas for effective cooperation with companies in the logistics sector.

Administrative handling of temporary employment

Another big advantage of turning to Pulse Interim is that we can completely relieve you of the administrative burden. We understand your hands are full running your business, so we'll take over any temporary employee related duties. Pulse Interim provides guidance, support, registration and other administrative handling associated with temporary employment agency work.

You will benefit from skilled temporary employees that can immediately start their assignments. You will also notice, through the efforts of our employees, that having our temporary staff handle repetitive, physically demanding or preparatory jobs leaves your employees more space and time to do professional work.

A reliable partner for temporary work

When you're working with a temporary employment agency, obviously you want to believe the company is going to follow up on all agreements that have been signed. Here you can count on Pulse Interim. We are a reliable temporary employment agency, complying to the letter with all agreements and providing reliable temporary workers.

In addition, we offer fixed hourly rates with no unpleasant surprises afterwards. Every hour we provide you with an employee can be budgeted in advance. Pulse Interim stresses fair and open cooperation. We are ready to work flexibly, together discussing working hours with you. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Temporary logistics workforce for industries in Bremen

Pulse Interim is a temporary employment agency you can gladly turn to when you need temporary staffing in Bremen's logistics and industrial sectors. We fully comply with provisions of German legislation covering temporary employment agencies. Pulse Interim holds all the necessary licenses and permits to post people in Bremen, ensuring you a legally correct solution.

Are you thinking about working together with us? Contact us to make an appointment with no obligation and discover how we can work together.

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