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Temporary logistics workers in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is Europe's largest port, offering many opportunities for employment. As a Port of Rotterdam company, are you sometimes short of people? If the answer is yes, then contact Pulse Interim. We can help you over the short term with temporary workers specialized in logistics jobs to work in Rotterdam. These temporary employees will be an excellent addition to your workforce for either a longer or shorter period. They are ready to do the physically challenging work for you.

An enormous amount of cargo traffic comes and goes through the Port of Rotterdam every day. It's an uninterrupted process that runs day and night. However, a problem is that supply and demand cannot be easily estimated in advance. In transport, where time is of the essence, it helps when companies at the Port of Rotterdam can work together with a firm that in a short time can literally lend a helping hand with skilled, temporary workers.

Providing temporary specialized logistics labor

Pulse Interim is such a company. We are engaged to provide specialized logistics workers for temporary work, with a large database of staff ready to meet your company's demands smoothly. To do this Pulse Interim has professionals available for you. In a very short time you will have strong hands loading and unloading containers, forklift truck drivers, order pickers and many other occupations that can be found in the logistics sector. You can also turn to Pulse Interim for people to prepare boxes or crates for export or recycling and for packing-related work. There are even people here with VCA certification to assist companies operating in the chemical industry with staffing.

Careful selection of our staff for temporary work

Because Pulse Interim wants you to be able to rely fully on your temporary port workers and other logistics forces, we carefully select who we employ for temporary work. Of course, our versatile employees have the right diplomas and certificates, as well as the right mentality for this work. This is why our staff fits very well with the hands-on approach prevailing at the port and finds no problems doing heavy and challenging work.

Naturally, working terms have to be arranged, and that's something Pulse Interim can handle. Aspects such as housing, transportation and adequate reward are guaranteed by us. In addition, correct registration, guidance and support for our staff on temporary assignments are all provided by us.

Excellent relationships with temporary employment agency clients

We take care to have good relationships with both our qualified professionals and our temporary employment agency clients. Pulse Interim's fast service lets you use our skilled staff in the short term. We uphold each agreement to the letter. As an employment agency, Pulse Interim also naturally complies with all legislation in Belgium and the Netherlands concerning temporary employment agencies.

Of course, rates are agreed with you in advance. Pulse Interim's fixed hourly rates allow you to budget the costs of temporary work in advance. Such a transparent approach guarantees the long-term cooperation we enjoy with many companies in the logistics sector. Our employees are deployed by us to several European countries, including the Port of Rotterdam.

Skilled people for temporary work at the Rotterdam seaport

As earlier mentioned, Pulse Interim is a reliable company for supplying skilled people to work temporarily at the Rotterdam seaport. Our people are able to integrate seamlessly into your workflow so no concessions therein have to be made when you come to us. You will also discover that our commitment to fill repetitive, physically demanding and preparatory jobs gives your employees more time to do specialized work.

When you use one of our teams of temporary staff, Pulse Interim provides you with a contact person. This too is part of our clear communication with clients. In addition, our temporary teams can be flexibly deployed by you with regard to the hours spent on the job. Here too, Pulse Interim offers many options that definitely won't disappoint you.

Temporary logistics workers in Rotterdam

Contact us to find out how Pulse Interim can provide you with temporary logistics workers for work in Rotterdam. We look forward to discussing how Pulse Interim can work with you. Pulse Interim can handle the tough jobs well, even at the Port of Rotterdam.

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