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Temporary employment office specialized in the field of construction

The range of construction projects may vary greatly depending on the period. Therefore, it is difficult for a construction company to estimate the internal staff capacity needs. The office for providing temporary staff in construction and roofing is therefore an excellent solution. With the help of a dedicated agency, you can rely on having enough staff.

Pulse Interim is an office for providing temporary staff specializing in the construction and assembly. We can also guarantee to occupy your vacancies at short notice. We have an appropriate solution for all work in this sector. We have an extensive capacity of experienced professionals who are available to you for long-term contracts as well as for short-term projects.

Personnel agency providing temporary staff in construction

The advantage of Interim Pulse is our specialization. As we only focus on a few industries, we can also provide you with qualified professionals to suit your needs at short notice. Are you looking for a joiner, electrician or plasterer? Pulse Interim can provide you with these and many other construction professionals with no difficulty.

Thanks to our extensive staffing capacity, you can count on the fast delivery to suit your needs while your business processes will not be at risk. Pulse Interim is a personnel agency providing temporary staff in construction.

Temporary construction staff as an asset to your team

As it applies in the entire construction and building structures industry, we also put the highest demands on our staff. It is important to us to ensure that our construction workers are an asset to your team.

Our agency checks the right skills, knowledge and experience of each employee. Not only do we check their professional experience, but also their work mentality and past work experience. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the provision of temporary workers with 100% physical and mental commitment to work who are able to demonstrate the appropriate certificates and licenses.

Why to hire Pulse Interim as a personnel agency in construction?

Pulse Interim is a reliable personal agency in the field of construction. Thanks to our concept of perfect employment services, we can free you from all the worries and provide the right people for the right jobs. We will be happy to advise you and discuss the desired results and common goals.

We will provide you with the right people, handle all the administrative duties, and provide our staff with all the necessary support. In addition, of course, we will also provide personal protective equipment, protective footwear and helmets.

We are, of course, always in intense contact with the customer throughout the period of cooperation. For this purpose, each team is appointed with a person responsible for direct communication. This communication can also be in English, French or German.

Benefits of the office providing temporary staff in construction

For our concept of comprehensive personnel services, we charge fixed rates, which are subject to prior agreement to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Pulse Interim is known as the leading office for providing temporary staff in construction and building structures.

Our concept of comprehensive personnel services gives you the ability to plan your costs and budget ahead. We always keep our promises. We are a recognized temporary staffing agency and a member of Federgon. So, you can always count on the legally correct solution.

Are you interested in recruiting professional construction staff?

Would you like to contact Pulse Interim to recruit professional construction staff with no obligation? We will be happy to stop by and discuss different choices with you. Do not hesitate and contact us to arrange a meeting and to check out why we are well known for being strong in heavy duty work.

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