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Professional temporary employees for the logistics sector in Marseille

Pulse Interim is a temporary employment agency specializing in logistics that is active throughout Europe. Does your company operate in Marseille? We can provide you fast with short-term skilled temporary employees for the logistics sector in this French port city. Our employees are an excellent way to strengthen your workforce, taking a lot of the physically demanding and tough work off your hands. Think of work in construction and assembly.

There are a number of reasons why you can be confident working with Pulse Interim to complement your own personnel with versatile temporary employees at peak periods or in other unforeseen circumstances. First of all, Pulse Interim can provide temporary staff throughout Europe in a short time. We can help you either with individuals or entire teams of temporarily-assigned employees, which can be deployed for either longer and shorter periods.

Specialized temporary logistics employees

Pulse Interim specializes in the logistics sector, allowing us to focus fully on this industry and to know exactly the requirements for labor therein. This is something we naturally take into account when Pulse Interim recruits and selects its employees. These people not only need the right diplomas and certification, but they also must have the right, hands-on attitude.

This lets us offer you specialized temporary logistics personnel that know what hard work is and certainly have no fear of physically challenging jobs. Our people demonstrate their value every day. We are strong in the tough jobs.

Transport staff, forklift truck drivers, order pickers and dockworkers in Marseille

With our expertise and experience in this sector, we know exactly which professional teams are the ones most often asked to work in temporary assignments, and these teams Pulse Interim can certainly provide. We can help you with people to load and unload commercial vehicles, forklift drivers, order pickers, dockworkers and many other occupations that can be found in the professional logistics sector. For example, workers can be deployed to prepare boxes or crates for export or recycling, as well as for packaging. There are also staff with VCA certification that can be assigned to companies working with chemicals and operating in industry. They can be deployed by us throughout Europe, including in Marseille.

Good working conditions for temporary workers

Experience has taught us that staff enjoy their jobs when good working conditions are provided. On this front, too, Pulse Interim takes care of its workers on temporary assignments by providing accommodation, transportation and, of course, decent pay. In addition, we handle proper registration, guidance and support for our employees during their temporary assignments. It is here where you reap the benefits. Our workforce will be fully motivated to do their best and as agreed.

Temporary employment agreements

Pulse Interim considers working together to be important when agreeing on conditions. We will always fulfill agreements we make with you. You will be able to count on having an adequate number of skilled people working in the right place at agreed times. Pulse Interim ensures clear communication with always somebody for you to contact, and this person will be able to communicate in multiple languages.

In addition, our employees work at fixed hourly rates during temporary assignments. For this reason, you'll always know in advance where you stand with no unpleasant surprises afterwards. It is even possible to budget the costs in advance. In addition, our temporary teams can be flexibly deployed by you with regard to the hours spent on the job. Here too, Pulse Interim offers many options that definitely won't disappoint you.

Professional temporary employees for the logistics sector in Marseille

After reading all these benefits, are you convinced now that Pulse Interim can help you with skilled temporary logistics sector employees in Marseille? Contact us right away. We can coordinate in an informal face-to-face conversation what Pulse Interim can do for you and how you and we can work together.

Pulse Interim is strong in the tough jobs and this we wish to prove to you. You will find out that deployment in repetitive, physically challenging and preparatory jobs will free your employees up much more often to do specialized work.

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