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  • form part of Stresne Centrum
  • Vavrecka 311 02901 Namestovo
  • Slovakia
  • VL VVG 2073/UC WAL W.DISP.995 BR 00547-406-20170307
  • Company number 44 236 816

Construction and assembly

Need temporary workers for construction or assembly? Your Pulse Interim specialist is waiting for you.

Experienced professionals with an enthusiasm for their work make all the difference. Are you looking for a roofer, a demolition expert or a welder? Thanks to our extensive staff database, you can be sure of a seamless process.

Just like the construction industry itself, the range of professions is hugely varied. Can't find the profile that you need right away? No problem; we'll find it for you.

We fulfil our legal, fiscal and financial obligations. Both at the start of and during the assignment, Pulse Interim will ensure appropriate registration, supervision and support for the temporary staff.

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