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  • form part of Stresne Centrum
  • Vavrecka 311 02901 Namestovo
  • Slovakia
  • VL VVG 2073/UC WAL W.DISP.995 BR 00547-406-20170307
  • Company number 44 236 816

Our approach

Your needs

  • You need to meet a production peak with motivated personnel.
  • You are lacking the right mentality on the shop floor or looking for that extra bit of flexibility.
  • Your business wants happy customers who receive their orders on time.

Our speciality

  • An extensive personnel database, which allows us to fulfil your needs seamlessly.
  • Our staff are 100% committed and have the right attitude.
  • You can count on competitive prices and transparent invoicing.
  • We organise everything (selection, administration, accommodation, transport).

Benefits to you

  • You can be sure we'll find the right legal solution.
  • We offer a fixed hourly rate. So no unpleasant surprises.
  • Our temporary format allows you to budget costs accurately.
  • A deal is a deal.


  • For each team, we provide a manager who is responsible for direct communication with the client. According to the client's needs, he will communicate in English, French or German.
  • We not only support our temporary staff, but also maintain contact with our clients during the entire employment period.
  • Our employees can provide the right certificates and qualifications (welding certificate, forklift licence, etc.)
  • Personal protective equipment can be provided in consultation with the client. We provide safety shoes and a helmet as standard.
  • Taking into account the intensive preparation for each assignment, you should work on the basis of a minimum provision of 3 temporary staff for a minimum period of 2 weeks.
    The minimum period does not apply to the assembly of temporary structures, where short term tasks are typical of the sector.
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