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High-quality temporary logistics staff at Antwerp

If your company operates in the Port of Antwerp, then you know logistics plays a major role in your workflow. The logistics process has to be running smoothly to ensure progress. Pulse Interim can provide you with high-quality temporary labor for the times you don't have enough staff of your own. They are prepared to take on physically demanding work and roll up your sleeves for you!

Logistics is an important element in a major port like Antwerp. If the process isn't running smoothly, there can be far-reaching consequences. That is why it is an advantage to be able to turn to a reliable company when looking for temporary, versatile employees that appreciate what hard work means.

Specialist in temporary port work

Pulse Interim is a company that knows very well how to fill port jobs. Because Pulse Interim specializes in logistics, we are able in a short time to supply people that can move seamlessly into your workflow. We are temporary employment specialists.

Contact us anytime you need staff for port logistics. Pulse Interim has many options, ranging from forklift drivers to workers you can deploy to load and unload containers and pallets, prepare boxes and crates for export and to recycle them. We can also provide helping hands for separating packages.

Much of our staff has the relevant diplomas and certificates. Some even hold VCA certificates for work with chemical companies and the industry. These people can start working directly for you for either longer or shorter periods. Because they have both the experience and the skills, they can start immediately.

Temporary labor for the Port of Antwerp

Due to the dynamic nature of transport operations at the port, it is difficult to estimate in advance how much work will need to be done. That is why Pulse Interim has auxiliary staff you can deploy to work temporarily at the Port of Antwerp.

These temporary employees provide a strong backup to your own workforce. Our people are always selected to work with us based on their expertise, experience and mentality. They have a practical focus and take a hands-on approach toward work. We have worked with these people for a long time and know exactly the added value they can bring to you. An additional advantage of using Pulse Interim's temporary staff is to give your employees more time and space for specialized work.

Administrative handling of temporary work

Another big advantage of working with Pulse Interim is that we take on ourselves the entire administration associated with temporary employment.

We make sure all documents are in order and comply with applicable legislation so you no longer have to worry about it. Of course, we provide support and guidance for temporary employees assigned to you, too.

Caring for them is one of our strengths. We believe people to be more motivated toward doing their best when they have a guarantee of good labor conditions, which is why we take care that everything is in order. You benefit here because you have access to professionals happy to help you achieve your goal.

Temporary work at fixed rates

When you work with Pulse Interim, you know exactly what to budget for temporary staff. Our logistics force is deployed at a fixed hourly rate. Because you will be using a temporary employment agency charging a fixed rate, you have assurance of no unpleasant surprises afterwards. Pulse Interim is very flexible and can coordinate with you the number of hours when you will need temporary employees from us. You will not be left disappointed. Working with us is not only affordable, but also transparent and reliable. As a matter of course, Pulse Interim complies with Belgian legislation governing temporary employment agencies, and as one, Pulse Interim is a member of Federgon.

High-quality temporary logistics staff at Antwerp

Are you interested in learning more about what Pulse Interim can do for you with high-quality temporary logistics workers in Antwerp? Contact us right away. We would be glad to show you how Pulse Interim can contribute to your workflow.

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