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Fixed-term professional staff

During peak period, you will certainly appreciate professional staff who will help you during a fixed period. Pulse Interim can sure help you with this task. We have an extensive database of professionals who can help you in long-term as well as short-term projects in the fields of construction and assembly, temporary building structures and logistics. We work quickly and efficiently in providing you with the right people for the right jobs.

Working with a personal agency that can perfectly replenish your operating capacity can be very interesting for your company in many ways. Take, for example, how pleased you would be to meet the profile of a long-term contract. In addition, it is always handy to have some backup staff during holiday time or in the event of high incapacity to work.

Personnel agency providing temporary fork-lift truck drivers and warehouse operators

Pulse Interim is structured to specialize in various industries, including logistics. We provide certified workers in all professions in the field of logistics who can get to work right away.

Our staff can start to work with you at a short notice because we understand that logistics is based on binding deadlines. Whether you need a forklift truck driver or a warehouse operator, our personnel agency can supply them to you without difficulty. Of course, we can also help you with specialists in other logistics professions.

Are you looking for temporary roofers, plumbers or assemblers?

In addition to logistics specialists, we can also supply construction specialists. Are you looking for temporary roofers, plumbers or assemblers? Do not hesitate and contact us to discuss your choices. We can help you to occupy these and many other professions by the right people.

We have extensive personnel capacity and we can promptly answer any of your questions and queries. We guarantee that our staff will work for you with 100% commitment and the right work attitude. We place the emphasis on clear and open communication with our customers throughout the cooperation period. We always keep our promises. If we send you a full team of staff, this team will have a designated responsible person who speaks English, French or German. Of course, we will also provide for personal protective equipment, protective clothing and helmets.

Personnel agency that provides temporary canopy assemblers or demolition workers

Demolition workers may be required in different sectors. They can work on the demolition of buildings, but also on the construction or reconstruction of temporary building structures. For example, when building canopies or other temporary shelters at various events or in industry.

Pulse Interim is your partner in providing labour even for these temporary building structures. We cooperate with many strong companies in this industry.

Our assemblers build canopies with both heart and soul. Besides professional knowledge, they also have the necessary amount of enthusiasm and physical strength to assemble large structures. Thanks to our many years of experience in this industry, we have built up an excellent reputation at home and abroad, providing labour across the whole of Europe.

Fixed-term professional staff

Within our fixed-term staffing services, we can arrange everything for you, so you can focus on your core business. We will ensure correct handling of administrative and organizational issues, such as the selection of workers, accommodation and transport of temporary workers.

For providing our fixed-term professional staff, we charge fixed hourly rates, so you can always count on transparent billing. In this way, there can be no unpleasant surprises, and thanks to fixed rates, you can plan your costs and budget ahead.

It goes without saying that we meet all Belgian and Dutch statutory regulations in personnel services and we are a member of Federgon. This organization brings together personnel service providers and ensures compliance with the law.

Contact with Pulse Interim

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities for your company? We will be happy to stop by and discuss them with you, with no obligation. You can contact us by phone or email. We can provide you with experts who have the right skills and experience together with the right work attitude. We are strong in heavy duty work.

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