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  • form part of Stresne Centrum
  • Vavrecka 311 02901 Namestovo
  • Slovakia
  • VL VVG 2073/UC WAL W.DISP.995 BR 00547-406-20170307
  • Company number 44 236 816

About us

All of our activities are encompassed within the temporary employment agency Pulse Interim. Alongside our temp staffing activities in Slovakia, we also send our employees to multiple European countries.

Our employees support our clients, who work in a wide range of sectors such as the construction industry, assembly and logistics, each and every day.

Pulse Interim will provide the right workers quickly and efficiently during peak periods or will review the options for a more long-term approach to your permanent staffing. We will look for the profiles that you need every now and then but which are not required on a permanent basis.

Pulse Interim values its greatest asset - the workers themselves.

  • Our office checks that every employee has the right skills and experience. It's not just professional experience that counts either; their work ethic is also examined.
  • Happy employees are motivated and productive. So we offer appropriate remuneration and suitable accommodation. Our employees relocate using a company van.
  • We organise the administration (reports, documents) so that the employee can focus on the job.
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Administration & communication

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